Output button VKI-03

300.00 RUR

For on-door speakerphones and access monitoring systems our firm offers the buttons of an exit developed on the basis of contactless switches. Buttons have three-colored circular indication of a state.
Case material - high-strength plastic of disserent colours or an aluminium alloy with a protective and decorative covering. Technical characteristics of buttons of an exit correspond to characteristics of Piezo switches with indication.   



NameUnit of maesurementValue
Rated VoltageV ,AC/DC 0-24
Rated CurrentAmps0-2
Switch Resistance "ON"Ohms≤10 0
Switch Resistance "OFF" Megaohms ≥ 5
Switch CapacitancepF 25
Actuation Force, Typically N3-5
Operating Temperature (standart) °С -40 - +85
Operating Temperature (according to customer request) °С-40 - +125
Storage Temperature °С-60 - +125
Cycles, more than  million50
EMI or RFI Effect
Protection System
Ip68 according to IEC 529 

Sizes for installation VKI.png
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