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Portable truck scales BA-15C-2 designed for measuring of load creates a single axis of the vehicles on the road. 
Two load plates with size 700×400×40 mm each with a remote terminal. Load plate contains eight strain gauges production of NPF "Meta", located at the four corners and evenly in the middle. 
For carrying weights provides two removable handles (one of which has wheels for transportation), which in turn are attached to the platform with quick release bolts.

• Information about the axle load, including the axial weight limit excess data, is stored in the database.
• Creation of weighting station shift reports.
• Automatic calculation of the amount of fine for the excess cargoe according to the current legislation.
• Print of weighting feereceipts without interruption of the monitoring.

• Wide range of operating temperatures.
• Easy installation and maintenance.
• Ability to transfer data from the terminal platform over a wireless communication channel.
• Dedicated "Weight Control" software, which allows management of a database of measurements, automatic calculation of the amount of fines, and reporting on the work of the weight control post. The software also prints a weight control report via the built-in thermal printer in the control panel.
• The device is built by using only chemically resistant materials: stainless steel, seals, gaskets, load cells and proprietary strain gauges , which eliminates the measurment errod due to interference of lateral forces.

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